SONY Multiformat Engine Unit The MEU-WX2 and LCD Monitor

3,300.00 kr.

  • Interpolation Technology – X Algorithm
  • 2-3 Pull Down function
  • Hight Resolution and High Contrast Images
  • Wide Viewing Angle
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Product Description

The MEU-WX2 is equipped with the latest X-Algorithm and ChromaTRU technology delivering outstanding picture performance in various picture formats. The MEU-WX2 accepts a wide variety of signal formats such as computer and analogue video inputs. Optional digital video decoder boards are also available to display standard and high definition video signals.

LMD-232W is a 23 inch wide screen LCD monitor aimed for broadcast and professional applications. The LMD-232W utilises WXGA LCD panel to provide high-brightness and high-contrast images with natural colour reproduction. Sony unveils its new line-up of elegant two-piece LCD monitors. Separating the LCD monitor unit from the signal-processing unit enables easy installation. Thin, lightweight and simple, the LCD monitor provides outstanding installation flexibility.